Our story

Spring 2020 – Covid Lockdown - New ideas and discussions

In the first months of 2020, Marco Menini (CEO of a watch manufacturing company) and Simone Mazzucato (well-known watch designer) often meet in their Hong Kong offices to discuss both professional and personal difficulties brought about by the Covid-19 restrictions.

In those months they were not able to leave Hong Kong; most of the borders with other countries were closed, making it almost impossible to return to Hong Kong after visiting another country.

Several customers have closed their businesses or kept partially closed for a long time, as well as almost all retail stores around the world. Speaking of projects to be developed once the watch industry is able to resume normal activity.

Both came to the conclusion that it was the perfect time for a new diver watch model with a design that would stand out from the current market filled with very similar watches and the few very famous brands.

Summer 2020 - Idea and Project DIVER FASHION

Among the various designs and projects that Simone created during these months was a proposal for a brand new diving watch which, unlike the many models on the market, would have a monobloc case.

The idea of ​​a case built from a single block of solid 316L steel was not entirely new, other famous brands had proposed similar designs before. This is why this project had to reinterpret the design and measurements to create a current watch.

After evaluating the aesthetic, technical and construction difficulties, the market potential of this new model was undeniable and it was decided to proceed with an initial production of prototypes, which would allow verification of the wearability.

Thanks to the positive results of the first prototypes, it was decided to complete the development of the collection in order to start production as soon as possible.

2021 - M2Z Watches is created

This project combines the technical features of a diving watch with their exclusive design and innovative color palette. It is equipped with a Seiko NH35 automatic movement, with a color calendar disc specially produced for M2Z watches.

As a base it has a large round case, 46 mm in diameter, equipped with a unidirectional rotating bezel in steel with 18 notches. The numbers 1 and 8 represent, respectively, beginning and abundance; the 18 notches that shape the bezel are therefore synonymous with success.

The bezel features one of the biggest innovations with its construction of colour-coded, reinforced, water-resistant silicone. The quality of the materials used and the color palette are also great innovations for a professional diving watch.

An exclusive crown cover gives the watch a unique design. Produced in very light but extremely resistant Series 7 anodized aluminum, together with the lower right lug, they define the watch in a unique way and protect the internal crown from possible shocks.

The case back is one of the most important parts of the watch, the shape of the monobloc case adapts perfectly to the wrist. The 'button' with the Italian flag has a technical function as well as highlighting Italian design. Exactly under this cover, well protected by a screw, is the hole that allows the rod to be removed from the automatic movement.

The watch strap is made of FKM, a polymer with high comfort and resistance to stains, as well as protection against wear and discoloration even after prolonged contact with skin oils and frequent exposure to sunlight. It is frequently used in the aviation and aerospace industries where the high altitude requires a superior tolerance to heat and cold temperatures.